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Quadrasan® Breakdown Combination Cleaner

Versatile and effective. Removes nasty odours. Removes organic staining.

Quadrasan® Breakdown safe combination cleaner will remove both nasty odours and organic staining from a multitude of surfaces in commercial, institutional and domestic environments.

Quadrasan® Breakdown uses safe bacteria to degrade organic waste that may be the source of malodour.

When activated with water the micro-organisms in this dilutable liquid produce three key enzymes that degrade fats, proteins and starch and are highly effective in removal of oils, grease, food and human wastes.


  • Removes uric acid build up and odours from toilet floors.
  • Degrades waste in sinks, pipes, kitchen drain lines, grease traps and waste bins.
  • Creates Biofilm to tackle new waste and offers 24 hour breakdown protection.
  • Peak Enzyme production and stain removal after eight hours.
  • Ideal for use in all areas, including washrooms, toilets, kitchens, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, nursing homes, schools, leisure centres, health clubs.
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