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Micro Airoma® Automatic Odour Control Dispenser

Freshness through fragrance and technology.

Micro Airoma® is an automatic odour control dispenser designed to ensure facilities smell fresh and clean whenever a fragrance is required.

The Micro Airoma® odour control system automatically delivers small bursts of fragrance at specific intervals in order to keep bad odours at bay.

The dispenser provides flexible and easy to use programming options, and can be set to match your exact location conditions.

Micro Airoma® Fragrance Aerosol Refills 100ml are available to fit into the Micro Airoma® Odour Control Dispenser and most other competing aerosol air freshener dispensers.

New for March 2015, we have launched four distinct Airoma® fragrance ranges; the ‘Classics’, ‘Fruits’, ‘Oriental’ and the ‘Airoma® Therapy & Spa’ fragrance ranges;

Classics – A collection of our firm favourites, this range contains our staple fragrances including Cool and Mystique.
Fruits – Perfect for those Spring and Summer months, choose from four fresh and fruity fragrances.
Oriental – If you’re looking for something rich and exotic, try a scent from our Oriental collection.
Airoma® Therapy & Spa – Drift off with our soothing and sensuous Airoma® Therapy & Spa range.

Available for distribution in EMEA territories only.


  • Fully programmable odour control dispenser – Choice of number of refills per year; Choice of start time; Choice of days of operation.
  • Visible countdown clock showing time until next spray - Confirms operation of unit and provides health and safety warning.
  • Patented "I.P.E.™" facility enabling users to program enhanced fragrance delivery per day for busier periods.
  • Part of coordinated range of dispensers.
  • Rental button for 30-45-60 days (if applicable).
  • Lockable dispenser for added security.
  • Top hinged dispenser for ease of servicing and refill replacement.
  • Ideal for areas such as washrooms, offices, toilet areas, care homes, hotels, reception areas, school classrooms and anywhere that a fragrance system is required.
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