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Upright Vacuum Cleaner 14 : TEUV02

Model: LCC14

LCC Light , pratical
Entry level Professional Upright
Vacuum Cleaner
• Functional design
• 2 motors / vacuum motor World- Cup high-efficiency
• Flat-belt transmission
• Multi-level filtering system: double layer dust sack double filter for engine protection external filter (washable)
Available in two sizes
The low profile and the ability to continue to operate when the handle is completely flat to the floor allows the LCC line to clean under furniture.
Superior edge cleaning with either size model allows for deep carpet cleaning along the baseboard.
The on-board flex hose provide for quick and easy cleaning of both high-up and difficult to reach areas.

Version LCC 14"
Vacuum motor power 1000 W
Traction motor power 150 W
Trasmission belt Flat Belt
Paper dustsack capacity 6.5 L
Working surface 14" - 350 mm
Weight 5.9 Kg
Voltage 230 / 120 / 100V
freq. 50/60 Hz
Flex tube On board
pressure 2.5 mH2o
air flow 26 l/sec
noiseness level 68 Db(A)
Exhaust air filtering system Multi-level filtering system
Full bag indicator optical
Power cord lenght 10 m
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