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Pad Holder & Saturation Tub

The Pad Holder with detachable Saturation Tub is available in three widths to fit 24", 32", and 40" escalators. Accommodates 3/4 inch threaded pole handles.

Instructions for use:

Safely block all passenger traffic from escalator before starting cleaning procedure

  • Mount the cleaning pad, with the white side to the back of the device.
  • Pre-spray dirty, neglected escalator treads.  Allow 5 to 10 minutes dwell time before cleaning.
  • Fill saturation tub with specified amount of cleaning solution, place the device into the tub and compress firmly with pumping action until the pad is saturated.
  • Center the device with the oncoming escalator treads, place device on escalator and apply moderate downward pressure to aid in the cleaning cycle.

Safety Tips:

  • Never stand or step on the device
  • Keep hands, loose items, clothing, hair & jewelry away from device during operation.
  • Make sure escalator is completely dry before allowing passengers back on 
  • Always use the handle to place and remove the device from the escalator

TREAD CLEAN & Dilution Recommendations:

REN™ developed TREAD CLEAN solution for use with Cleaning Pads to achieve maximum results for both restorative, deep cleaning and daily maintenance use.

10:1 dilution ratio is recommended for Maintenance, Restorative and Emergency spill resolution.

Recommended cleaning solution amount by pad size:

  • For a 24” pad  -- use 16-oz of diluted cleaning solution
  • For a 32” pad  -- use 20-oz of diluted cleaning solution
  • For a 40” pad  -- use 24-oz of diluted cleaning solution

Tips for more effective cleaning:  

  • Perform a restorative cleaning to get your escalator up to your facilities standards
  • Schedule regular maintenance cleanings and keep your escalators clean and safe
  • Have your staff trained and a procedure documented for emergency spill deployment

The REN™ escalator cleaning system is covered by pending U.S. and/or international patent applications. REN™ takes its intellectual property rights very seriously, and will pursue any and all violations aggressively and to the fullest extent of the law.

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