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NMM-777346 - Ride on Scrubber Drier

Model: TRO650-200, Battery Operated, 2 Brushes x 330mm, 24V, Brush Motor 400W, Vac Motor 400W, Working Width 650mm, Capacity: 120ltrs, Run Time: 3hrs

A more user friendly ride on scrubber dryer would be hard to find. Designed to provide long, simple and reliable service day in day out whatever the environment.

The TRO650 is based on the well established engineering of the Vario model but simplified to provide a truly professional, cost effective workhorse.

The TRO650 is blessed with a commanding operator driving position, front wheel traction drive, a magnificent turning circle and one pass performance that really will ensure you get the standard you want, exactly when you want it... and fast.



Vacuum Motor Power 24V 600 W
Brush Motor Power 2 x 24V 400 W
Power 4 X 12V (24V) = 200 Ahr
Run Time 3.5 Hrs
Traction Drive 600 W
Transit Speed 0-7.0km/h
Cleaning Speed 4.2km/h
Scrub Width 650 mm
Brush Speed 200 rpm
Water Capacity 120L
Water Flow Rate 3L/min, 2L/min, 1L/min, 0.5L/min
Climbing Gradient 11%
Weight 436 kg
Dimensions 1676 x 1425 x 1054 mm
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