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Indoor Pure Water Cleaning Systems

We were the first to launch an indoor glass washing solution into the market in 2005. Nowadays, this systems has concurred the worldwide market and has won various innovation awards. Our Indoor Clean Pole, which can be build- up to 10 meter, offers the perfect solution for cleaning difficult and hard to reach areas, but also for regular indoor glass. Throughout the years, we have developed some extra accessories, which resulted into a system even more diverse. Examples of applications can be: glass, natural stone floors, SS, mirrors, aluminum ceilings and any other smooth surface.

Indoor Clean Pole Trend Line 150 cm. extendable till 10 meter: - leather belt - battery with led indicator - charger - pump 12V in box - bottle for pure water 500 ml - 10 glass pads - extra bag for pads
a ICP35V1150
Indoor Clean Pole Trend Line extendable
pole 150 cm with integrated
hose and couplings (extendable
till max. 5 parts).
Indoor Clean Pole easy blue
microfiber glass pad 26 cm.
Indoor Clean Pole easy blue
microfiber heavy duty pad 26 cm.
a ICPVT170
Indoor Clean Pole carry bag
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